Factors That Are A Key Consideration For The Smile Makeover Procedure

Smile makeover is a special process for improving the smile of an individual through cosmetic dentistry procedure. It helps in resolving the various issues that makes it difficult for people to smile without feeling embarrassed. Every process of smile makeover in Mumbai is unique and is based on the expected objective of the patients. However, in order to fulfil these objectives the cosmetic dental surgeons need to consider a variety of key factors as discussed below.

Physical Factors: These factors include the appearance of the face, skin colour and the dimensions of the teeth, shape of lips and nature of the gums of the patients. It is based on these physical factors that the surgeons set realistic objectives of the procedure. If requested many specialist are ready to show you a dummy of the expected look of yours after the process is done.

Technical Factors: The smile makeover procedure might require installation of tooth implants, bonding of composites and installation of veneers etc. The surgeons performing the procedure will decide about these technical aspects after performing a thorough analysis of the patient smiles and existing drawbacks. All details will be shared with the patient so that he/she can have a complete idea as how things will fall in place.

Economical Factors: The overall cost of the procedure is another important factor to be considered. This includes the surgeon’s fee, the dental veneers cost in Mumbai, medication costs and other miscellaneous expenses. It is advisable for patients and the doctors to discuss these costs in advance.  You can request for a quotation of the overall cost for your case. This will help you to plan in advance for the cost before you start the process.

Get a healthy and beautiful smile with experts help.


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